Our Establishment

We have Phased Machinery to Manufacture Proper Liquid Preparation, Filtration Plant for consistent quality, High Speed Sturer for processing high percentage liquid and Bottle Filling Machine for small packing.  And we also own semi-automatic machines for Shrinking, Wrapping and Box Strap machine. Our products are result of combined efforts of our continuous research team and our core in-house unique process of production. We are specialized to prepare a unique formulations which is done by us through unique and highly confidential process based on Chinese and Australian high quality production method.

We use highly effective agro chemicals and PGRs sourced from CHINA, AUSTRALIA.


With experience of past 8 years of Agro Chemical Industry, We have established our retail products with our Brand Name Gujarat Greenchem Industries just to serve and focus on products in our own products, Our Focus is development of our Brand with highly positive farmer response. We believe in results. 

Our Professionalism 

Our company aims to attain maximum customer satisfaction by remaining professional and fair to clients. The focus of our enterprise remains on taking care of clients, safeguarding their interest from malpractices and rendering a secure & comfortable trading experience to them.

We always adhere strictly to quality consistency for continuous development of our self as well as for all our client's growth.

We also make sure:

  • Each client is rendered with a professional support 
  • Every customer is offered professional customer services
  • All the patrons are treated with care and respected
  • The clients are offered complete transparency from our side

We constantly keep an eye on our formulation process and source of our quality inputs.

Current Position

Since we incorporate, we have have put all our efforts to deliver best formulation which will lead market.  In the result of it we have been now in the position to achieve many of are satisfied clients not only in Gujarat but also our products serve to Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamilnadu.

We have made a field trials to Nepal also and, with our excellent results over there, we are planning to launch a product for International marketplace soon.

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